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  Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage courses. Thai Massage is a form of therapeutic healing. Learn about traditional Thai yoga massage from The Sunshine Network Institute. Thai Massage / Thai Yoga Massage classes are available for all those interested in Thai Massage / Thai Yoga Massage.

The Sunshine Network

Massage in The Laho Village

The Sunshine Network founded
by ASOKANANDA, promotes the
teaching and training of:

♦ Traditional Thai Yoga Massage,
♦ Yoga,
♦ Keralite Foot Massage,
♦ Thai Chi,
♦ and Vipassana Meditation.

Classes are given in the Lahu village in Thailand and many other locations around the world. A variety of books are available.

The SUNSHINE NETWORK is an attempt to provide facilities for spiritual practice, combining the teaching and practice of Thai massage, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and meditation. It is not an organization but a loosely connected network of friends of Asokananda. The associated facilities differ considerably from place to place. At present the network has partners in New Zealand, Thailand, India, Austria, Croatia, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland.

Asokananda dedicated most of his life to the practise and teaching of Thai Massage.

The Sunshine Network would like to say that we feel the work and the dedication that Asokananda devoted to Thai Massage will be carried on in his spirit and in his memory by all his students and by all the teachers he has trained. Laurino and Andrea will be helping the Sunshine Network to assure that the continuation of Asokananda's work will be carried out according to his teachings and his spirit.

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