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Teacher Training Lahoo Village

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Teacher Training

Teacher trainings are for students interested in furthering and developing their studies in traditional Thai massage. It is aimed at those students who wish to continue the high standards promoted by the Sunshine Network in accordance with the spirit and principles fostered by Asokananda. New teachers in the Sunshine Network are formed and authorised by the following senior teachers:

Back massage

The teacher training process:

The trainee is required to have completed 1 or more beginner courses as a participating student, either intensively or part-time, with one of the above registered teachers. Once accepted as an ‘assistant teacher’, the trainee can start the teacher training. This can be conducted in beginner courses either in the Lahu Village (Sunshine Network Centre) or abroad as appropriate. As all trainees are different, the period and length of assistant training can vary. As an assistant teacher, the trainee will be required to demonstrate techniques and sequences as well as a full and through understanding of the theory underpinning the beginner course. When two of the above registered teachers agree that the trainee is ready to teach independently, he/she will be registered as an authorized Sunshine Network teacher and thereafter details added to the Sunshine Network website with the possibility of advertising his/her own courses.

There is no fixed time from the beginning of Assistant Teaching to becoming an authorised teacher. Becoming an authorised teacher in the Sunshine Network, is an organic process based on the learning progression of the student.

Note: specific training is needed to be authorized for advance classes.