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Harald Brust †

Founder of the Sunshine Network

Asokananda (Harald Brust, born in 1955 in West Germany) studied community development. Since 1978 he has spent most of his time in Asia, where he was involved in the research and teaching of yoga, meditation and traditional Thai yoga massage. He was temporarily ordained as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka.

Obituary notice

More than our teacher. More than our friend. Asokananda died on Friday, 24th June 2005.

Deeply respected for his spiritual life, studies and teachings, we wish his light will forever stay with us.

Through each massage we give, every student we teach, we will always be thankful for what he simply allowed us to discover and share, everyday.


Asokananda (Harald Brust) is teaching in the Lahu Vollage
Pictures from his life