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 Latrinos Tantrischer


Yoga Übungen gegen Verstopfung für Leute unterwegs von Latrinos und Asokananda

ISBN-10: 3896871668
ISBN-13: 978-3896871664

 Latrinos Tantric

Constipation Dance

Yoga Constipation Exercises
On The Road

ISBN-10: 9742105979
ISBN-13: 978-9742105976
Laurino Books

The author:
Laurino (Lauro Bertelli, born in 1967 in Italy) studied statistics applied to natural phenomena. He works as a life-guard on the Italian coast. Since the early 1990’s he has been practicing yoga and traditional Thai massage.

  Keralite Massage

Ein Seil, zwei Füße und Heilendes Öl
Chavutti Thirummal

Die Kunst der
traditionellen Kerala Massage
by Prabhat Menon and Asokananda

ISBN-10: 3896870599
ISBN-13: 978-3896870599
Keralite Massage Book

This publication is the first that has ever been published on Chavutti Thirummal, the ancient art of massaging the whole body with the feet. Keralite foot massage is virtually unknown outside of the Southern Indian State it originates from. It is a fascinating form of massage, closely related to Kalaripayattu, the martial art practiced in Kerala and to Kathakali, a classical Keralite dance.
The author:
Prabhat Menon (born in 1968 in Kerala, South India) studied physics. Since the early eighties he has been involved with yoga and traditional healing arts. He is practicing in Mumbai as a massage therapist and yoga teacher.

  So habe ich gehört

Meditation in Babilon
by Asokananda

ISBN-10: 3896872729
ISBN-13: 978-3896872722
So habe ich gehört Book

A guide to contemplation and relaxation in the madness of the world today. This handy box contains a book with Taoist, Sufi and Buddhist short stories, a chapter on simple meditation and relaxation techniques for daily life, and a section on Buddhist chanting. The chanting section is supplemented by an audio-tape produced in Calcutta in cooperation with Indian musicians.

The author:

Yogavacara Rahula

(Scott Joseph DuPrez, born in 1948 in Southern California)
is an American Buddhist monk. He grew up during the hippie revolution and entered the U.S. Army for three years in 1967, spending ten months in Vietnam. In 1972 he began a long odyssey which took him half way around the world. He was ordained as a monk in Sri Lanka in 1975. He spent ten years studying and meditating there before returning to the United States, and now resides at the Bhavana Society forest monastery in West Virginia.

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The Art of Traditional Thai Massage

by Asokananda - English

ISBN-10: 3930954400 / ISBN-13: 978-3930954407

Die Kunst der Traditionellen Thai Massage

by Asokananda - German

ISBN-10: 3930954397 / ISBN-13: 978-3930954391

L’Art Du Massage Thai Traditionnel

by Asokananda - France

was published by Editions Duang Kamol in 1990. It was the first book ever on this ancient form of healing in any language other than Thai.

TTYM Beginner Books

The author:
Asokananda (Harald Brust, born in 1955 in West Germany) studied community development. Since 1978 he has spent most of his time in Asia, where he is involved in the research and teaching of yoga, meditation and traditional Thai yoga massage. He was temporarily ordained as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka.
At present Nai Suk's Editions Co., Ltd. offers the following publications by Asokananda and Friends introducing a Buddhist Path for Body and Mind.

The Art of Traditional Thai Massage

Advanced Practitioners by Asokananda - English

ISBN-10: 3896871641 / ISBN-13: 978-3896871640

The Kunst der Traditional Thai Massage

für Fortgeschrittene von Asokananda - German

ISBN-10: 3896871293 / ISBN-13: 978-3896871299
TTYM Advance Books

This book is the comprehensive guide and manual many practitioners have been eagerly waiting for. It introduces a wide range of Thai massage exercises and provides indispensable information on the therapeutic use of this ancient art.

The Yoga of Mindfulness

by Asokananda - English

A Buddhist Path for Body and Mind

ISBN-10: 3930954435 / ISBN-13: 978-3930954438

Yoga der Achtsamkeit

by Asokananda - German

Ein buddhistischer Pfad für Körper und Geist

ISBN-10: 3930954427 / ISBN-13: 978-3930954421
Yoga Book

Tai-Chi Chuan

by Chow Kam Thye and Asokananda - English

Mindfulness In Motion

Tai-Chi Chuan

by Chow Kam Thye and Asokananda - German
Energiespiel der Achtsamkeit
ISBN-10: 3896871676 / ISBN-13: 978-3896871671

Thai Chi Chuan Book German

This is not just another book on Tai Chi Chuan. It is the unique attempt by Chow Kam Thye to present a form of Tai Chi Chuan that avoids all deviations from the Tai Chi Classics and brings it back to the original source. The form presented is composed of the 13 basic postures of Tai Chi Chuan. It is easy to comprehend and to learn but at the same time brings us right to the heart of the Tai Chi philosophy. A guidebook to the spirit of Tai Chi Chuan.

The author:
Chow Kam Thye (born in 1958 in Malaysia) studied Kung Fu from the age of 13. He also undertook training in Thai boxing, traditional Thai massage and various self-defense techniques. He grew up with Tai Chi Chuan, and pursued serious studies in Taiwan and China in 1984. He now lives in Montreal, Canada.

More Books

ONE NIGHT'S SHELTER - FROM HOME TO HOMELESSNESS The Autobiography of the American Buddhist monk Yogavacara Rahula (English) by Yogavacara Rahula, 1996

Explore in this breathtaking autobiography how Yogavacara Rahula finds the Path of yoga and Buddhist meditation, escaping the jungle of Vietnam veteran’s trauma, drug taking and drug dealing, jail in Afghanistan, and a generally uprooted desolate life style. One Night’s Shelter is an entertaining adventure book and at the same time a straightforward introduction into the Buddha’s teachings.

THE WAY TO PEACE AND HAPPINESS (English) compiled by Yogavacara Rahula, 1996
If the world of Buddhist theory and practice is new for you, this book will give you a profound introduction. If you are a Buddhist practitioner you will be delighted to read the Buddha’s own explanations on how to travel the Path to liberation, the Path through the ‘labyrinths of our own mind.’ This scholarly work outlines the fundamentals of the Buddha’s teachings, quoting extensively right from the source, from the original sermons of the Buddha. The book is a marvelous collection of discourses and sermons based on the scriptures of the Pali tradition of Buddhism. Anyone seriously interested in the teachings of the Buddha will find this collection enlightening.

(English) by Prabhat Menon and Asokananda, 1999