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The New Zealand Training centre is in Papakura Auckland. It is situated on a 10-acre lifestyle block called Soulheartheart, close to the 14,000-hectare Hunua Ranges Regional Park and about 30 mins by car from the city centre. The park features tramping and mountain biking tracks, fishing, swimming pools, amazing scenery, waterfalls and a stand of ancient Kauri trees. The Centre is also only 40 mins away from large surf beaches and only a few hours from the winter ski fields and the thermal wonders of the central North Island.

Soulhearth can provide accommodation for up to 8 students and is equipped with a Spa Pool, BBQ, full Internet and cooking facilities, two training rooms plus a relaxing Pond area, under a stand of Totora trees. The property is also home to Sir Munchalot (the goat) 3 dogs, a hive of bees, a bath full of composting worms and is surrounded by Grapefruit, Orange Plum, Fig and Apple trees.

The Centre offers short-term training programs and a full 750-hour Diploma course in Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurvedic Bodywork with trainer Don Bertram. Don trained and studied extensively with Asokananda up until Asokananda's death in June 2005 and was his assistant teacher during 2004 - 2005 in New Zealand. He completed his first Vapassana Meditation class in 1996 and is currently the President of the Thai Yoga Massage Association of New Zealand. He is deeply committed to continuing the works of Asokananda in New Zealand including teaching the Thai Yoga Master Diploma course as set up by him before his death.

All courses are recognized by TYMANZ
(Thai Yoga Massage Association of New Zealand)

The Sunshine Network New Zealand is a corporate member of the Thai Yoga Massage Association of New Zealand (TYMANZ). Our DiplomaCourse fulfills the requirements of TYMANZ for Thai Yoga massage practitioners in New Zealand. The TYMANZ standards are recognized by the New Zealand Health Charter. Practitioners registered with TYMANZ can get professional insurance through the Health Charter and may register with the Health Charter as Chartered Health Practitioners.

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