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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Bali (Balazs Nemeth)

Interested in the power of touch to heal since early childhood, Bali regularly trained in all sorts of healing modalities available in Europe in the 90’s, until the first meeting with thai yoga massage in Chiang Mai in 2000, convincing him to delve deeper into the ancient art. read more on his wesite...

1 - 8 August, 2021 - Advanced Side Position

For those who have completed a beginner’s course of 60 hours or more, this course will focus on the side position, aiming to give as complete massages as possible to those patients with difficulty receiving the other positions. READ COMPLETE COURSE DESCRIPTION AS PDF …

9 - 21 August 2021 - 12 day Thai Yoga Massage Retreat with Laurino and Bali

This is the full 12 day curriculum of the Sunshine Network, the beginners course taught as in the lahu village, with teacher training available. READ COMPLETE COURSE DESCRIPTION AS PDF …

6 - 7 November 2021 - Hands_Free

The workshop will be a 3 day course covering the full body massage without the use of hands. The workshop introduces the techniques with feet, heels, elbows, knees, and gives ample practice to feel ready to use them.READ COMPLETE COURSE DESCRIPTION AS PDF …

29 October - 5 November 2021 - Thaimassage in the mirror of Yoga

7 day retreat in which a 60 hours thaimassage beginners programme will be taught, in partnership with yoga cleansing, a complete vipassana meditation training (every morning will begin with practice in Noble Silence), a tai chi, chikung, ashtanga, hatha, yin or vinyasa flow session in the mornings, and a chakra yoga class every evening, geared to the chakra or area worked on in the thaimassage sessions of the day. READ COMPLETE COURSE DESCRIPTION AS PDF …

For information and registration please contact:

Bali (Balazs Nemeth)

Info`s E-Mail: konemara76@gmail.com

Visit us:   www.sriom.hu

Phone:   +36 70 2945650

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