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Courses with Asokananda's authorized teachers in

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Krishnataki

Sunshine House in Agios Nikolaos, Neofitou Street

Beginner course

17.04.-28.04. 2019


In this 12 day retreat course we offer a life changing experience for many, as we have seen over the years. We are teaching the basic Thai Massage technique with 7 hours of daily theory, demonstration and practice. We are also teaching yoga, chi gong and meditation to bring awareness and flexibility into the massage. Through this we are guiding people to believe that they can touch others, that they can be touched and that they have inside of them the potential to help others.

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Spring Basic Thai Massage Course: 17th – 28th April 2019

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Basic Thai Massage: 6th – 18th August 2019

Advanced course


Dynamic Flow - In this course, we will learn how to go with the flow…and have freedom in our movement. Having already the basic techniques and principles of Thai Massage, we will go deeper in our understanding of the flow…the Sacred Dance. How we can adjust, move and dance with another body, without getting “stuck” in positions, keeping precision in both line work and acupressure points. We will explore more acupressure points and learn how to use more the elbow, knee and foot. We will learn how to give a full body Thai massage by using the foot only and we will incorporate elements of dynamic Thai massage into our practice.

... read more for the Advanced Dynamic Thai Massage: 21st – 27th August 2019

For information and registration please contact:

Sunshine House Greece

E-Mail:     info@thaimassage.gr

Visit us:   www.thaimassage.gr

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Andreas Stuefer and Nancy Anatolaki


11 Days Intensiv Foundation course

2th - 12th JUNE 2017

2th - 12th September 2017

11 Days Intensiv Foundation course with Andreas "Andi" Stuefer and Nancy Anatolaki in Nisyros Island/ Greece.

These 11 - days retreats aim to introduce students in the Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and to provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools, that will enable them to give a relaxing full body massage. It includes daily massage lessons, an introduction in Vipassana Buddhist meditation to develop mindfulness and loving kindness and a warm-up class of Yoga or Qi Gong with Thai Chi to strengthen the body. This retreats are for: everybody having an open interest in learning more about the body and the mind and giving a gentle massage, without necessarily having any previous experience or any specific knowledge about other bodywork disciplines. And of course for people who wish to repeat the course, Acro-Yoga students, Yoga teachers, Yogis, Massage therapists, Martial Artists.

Retreats' Daily Flow

06.30-08.30:Meditation, QiGong & TaiChi
10.00-13.00:Thai Massage lessons
15.30-18.30:Thai Massage lessons
20.00-21.00:Meditation & Chanting

Retreat Program

Day1:Introduction to Thai massage, Feet, Energy lines
Day2:Single leg exercises
Day3:Double leg exercises
Day4:Abdomen, Chest, Arms, Hands
Day7:Sitting position–Shoulders
Day8:Neck, Head
Day10:Theory, practice

Arrival: 1st of the month in the evening – 6pm Dinner Departure: 13th of the month morning (welcome to stay some day more on our site).

For information and registration please contact:

Andreas “Andi” Stuefer

E-Mail:          infosensumana@gmail.com

Visit us:   www.nisyrosretreat.wordpress.com

Visit us:   www.sensumana.wordpress.com

Phone: +30 / 6945 441 784

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Andrea Baglioni

in Nisyros - Greece

Energylines and Therapies

26th September – 2th Oktober 2017

What is it about?
The course covers the main Energy Line and Points System as taught by Asokananda and the approach to therapeutic massage. It covers in details the Back Pain, Shoulder and Neck Therapies.

Who is teaching? Andrea Baglioni (Italy) visits Thailand annually, teaching at the Sunshine Network Centre as one of their most senior teachers. Since the passing of Asokananda he has co-run the Sunshine Network Centre Lahu Village in Northern Thailand. Along with Thai Yoga Massage, Andrea practice and teaches Tai Chi and Yoga. He teaches training courses in Thailand, Italy and London. For more Info please visit http://www.learnthaimassage.it/

Requirements: It requires a Thai Yoga Massage Foundation/Beginner Course and a General Advanced course as back ground along with practical experience.

Course fee 650 Euro wich includes studing materials, vegetarian lunch meal and a daily tai chi and meditation morning class.

Five early bird seats available. Book now for 570 Euros instead of 650 Euros.

For information and registration please contact:

Sen Sumara      Andreas Stuefer

E-Mail:   infosensumana@gmail.com

E-Mail:   andreasp3@gmail.com

Phone:   (+30) 69 55 33 02 76

Visit us:   Course Info

Visit us:   Facebook Course Info

Visit us:   Sensumana.wordpress.com

For classes of other authorized teachers in Greece, please contact
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