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Courses with Asokananda's authorized teachers in

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Krishnataki

Sunshine House

in Agios Nikolaos Street

Sunshine House is a retreat center on the Greek island of Evia, exploring Yoga, Thai Massage and Meditation as a way of life. It is set in a traditional, old country home and grounds of 5 generations and is part of the NGO MettaMorfosis, used as a kind of sanctuary, exploring healing techniques of the East and the West, where many people come to learn, share and grow.

Yoga & Thai Massage

With the practice of Meditation, Yoga and Thai Massage among other traditional spiritual practices, our hope is to ignite the healing flame which dwells in each and every one of us.

Basic Thai Massage,
8th – 18th July 2020

Thai Massage and the 5 Elements,
19th – 26th July 2020

Summer Basic Thai Massage,
5th – 16th August 2020

Advanced Dynamic Thai Massage with David,
20th – 26th August 2020

Craniosacral Applications for Thai Massage Practitioners,
with Vangelis Varis
27th August – 1st September 2020

Bodywork during Pregnancy course with Almuth & Anima,
5th – 11th September 2020

Basic Thai Massage, Yin Yoga & Spiritual Medicine
with Betty,
8th – 18th October 2020

Basic Thai Massage with Panagiotis and Kristina,
5th – 15th November 2020

Winter Basic Thai Massage course with Till,
26th December 2020 – 6th January 2021

For information and registration please contact:

Sunshine House Greece

E-Mail:     info@thaimassage.gr

Visit us:   www.thaimassage.gr

Visit us    on Facebook

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Andreas Stuefer and Nancy Anatolaki


11 Days Intensiv Foundation course

2th - 12th JUNE 2017

2th - 12th September 2017

11 Days Intensiv Foundation course with Andreas "Andi" Stuefer and Nancy Anatolaki in Nisyros Island/ Greece.

These 11 - days retreats aim to introduce students in the Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and to provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools, that will enable them to give a relaxing full body massage. It includes daily massage lessons, an introduction in Vipassana Buddhist meditation to develop mindfulness and loving kindness and a warm-up class of Yoga or Qi Gong with Thai Chi to strengthen the body. This retreats are for: everybody having an open interest in learning more about the body and the mind and giving a gentle massage, without necessarily having any previous experience or any specific knowledge about other bodywork disciplines. And of course for people who wish to repeat the course, Acro-Yoga students, Yoga teachers, Yogis, Massage therapists, Martial Artists.

Retreats' Daily Flow

06.30-08.30:Meditation, QiGong & TaiChi
10.00-13.00:Thai Massage lessons
15.30-18.30:Thai Massage lessons
20.00-21.00:Meditation & Chanting

Retreat Program

Day1:Introduction to Thai massage, Feet, Energy lines
Day2:Single leg exercises
Day3:Double leg exercises
Day4:Abdomen, Chest, Arms, Hands
Day7:Sitting position–Shoulders
Day8:Neck, Head
Day10:Theory, practice

Arrival: 1st of the month in the evening – 6pm Dinner Departure: 13th of the month morning (welcome to stay some day more on our site).

For information and registration please contact:

Andreas “Andi” Stuefer

E-Mail:          infosensumana@gmail.com

Visit us:   www.nisyrosretreat.wordpress.com

Visit us:   www.sensumana.wordpress.com

Phone: +30 / 6945 441 784

For classes of other authorized teachers in Greece, please contact
the teachers on the