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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Bali (Balazs Nemeth)

Interested in the power of touch to heal since early childhood, Bali regularly trained in all sorts of healing modalities available in Europe in the 90’s, until the first meeting with thai yoga massage in Chiang Mai in 2000, convincing him to delve deeper into the ancient art. read more on his wesite...

5 - 16 October 2021 - 12 day Beginners Course

This is the full 12 day curriculum of the Sunshine Network beginners course, as taught in the lahu village, set in the centre of Hamburg, at the Center of Gravity. Read the complete course description as pdf ...

17 -19 November 2021 - 3 day advanced Therapeutics workshop

During the three-dayworkshop, we spend each morning and afternoon session with a hands on treatment with Bali, given to one of the participants Read the complete course description as pdf ...

For information and registration please contact:

Team of the Center Of Gravity

Center of Gravity, Talstrasse 19.

Phone: +49 173 327 2877

E-Mail: info@center-of-gravity.de

Visit us: www.center-of-gravity.de

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Krishnataki

In this course we will learn about rhythm, coordination and flow in order to have freedom in our movements and touch. Dynamic Thai massage works with both the element of fire, which is enabling us to shake off and transform stagnation, as well as the element of water, which is helping the body to tonify, increase its vitality and have more liquid flow. This is the fundamental principles of Taoism – the Yin and Yang. Read more ...

Krishnataki Online Courses

For information and registration please contact:

Sunshine House Greece

E-Mail:     info@thaimassage.gr

Visit us:   www.thaimassage.gr

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Fabian Scapan

Venue: Bautzen

Fabian Scapan, Jahrgang 1961, autorisierter Lehrer beim Sunshine Network in Chiang Mai. Ausbildung in Thailand bei Asokananda, sowie im ″Old Medicine Hospital″ in Chiang Mai. Im Februar 1998 begann ich mit der TTYM Ausbildung bei Asokananda und praktiziere seither. Yogalehrerausbildung bei Asokananda in den Jahren 2001 – 2003 beim “Sunshine Network”. Nach erfolgreicher Ausbildung zum Massagelehrer in den Jahren von 2001 bis 2002 beim Sunshine Network (Asokananda), unterrichte ich seit 2002 in Thailand und weltweit. Seit 1997 besuche ich regelmäßig Meditationsretreats im Wat (Kloster) Suan Mokkh in Südthailand. read more on his wesite...

For information and registration please contact:

Fabian Scapan

02625 Bautzen, Paulistr. 28.

Phone: +49 162-1662091

E-Mail: web@traditional-thaiyogamassage.info

Visit us: www.traditional-thaiyogamassage.info

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