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Courses with Asokananda's authorized teachers in

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Itzhak Helman

in San Jose

Beginner course

19 August to 31 August 2017,

Advanced course

2 September to 14 September 2017,

A Thai Massage course is always a spiritual experience that combines meditation and the practice of loving-kindness, and for those interested particularly on learning massage, it is a great opportunity to know more about this beautiful healing technique.

We welcome you to the TYMA -course on Borntorpet, Sweden. We will enjoy good vegetarian food, yoga, sauna and the beautiful clear-lake spotted nature around us.

For information and registration please contact:

Yoga Mandir

Phone: (506) 2524-1843

Visit us: www.yoga-mandir.com

E-Mail: info@yoga-mandir.com

E-Mail: tmassage@gmail.com

Visit us: www.thai-yoga-massage.org

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Ivan Medici

in Londres, Puntarenas

Thai Yoga Massage Retreat for beginners

13 till 23 december 2016

Thai Yoga Massage is a deeply therapeutic form of bodywork with roots in Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga. Flowing like a moving meditation, Thai Yoga Massage uses strong and precise pressure, gentle stretching, meridian and pressure point activation, dynamic movement and lots of intention to encourage a state of physical and energetic wellbeing.

Posada Natura is very proud to be hosting this 10 day training which will encompass all the basic principals and some advanced techniques and positions to enable you to confidently give a complete, therapeutic, and healing Thai Massage session. We will incorporate the sacred ceremonies of Cacao and Native American Sweat Lodge to deepen your experience, open the heart, and allowing you to go deeper into the practice. Discover the gift of this beautiful healing practice!

For information and registration please contact:

Luke DeStefano

Phone: (506) 2524-1843

E-Mail: info@posadanatura.com

Visit us: www.posadanatura.com

Ivan Medici

E-Mail: mediv03@yahoo.it

For classes of other authorized teachers in Costa Rica, please contact
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