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Courses with Asokananda's authorized teachers in

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Ivan Medici

in Alto Paraiso de Goias

Beginner Course

29th October to 10h November 2014

The retreat will be held on the days- level 1 - 29th oct- 3rd november, level 2 5th nov - 10 nov


The course/retreat will be held over a period of 6 consecutive days for each level 1 and 2. We will learn a sequence of exercise to be able to give a full body massage relaxing, and energetically re-balancing. The retreat will be complement by the daily practice of Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation, to cultivate awareness of body mind and breath, to develop body awarness,mindfullnes (SATI) and loving-kindess(METTA) which will make the practice of thai yoga massage coming from the heart. especially coming form a heart with consciousness and a consciousness with a heart.

Side position

13th November to 17h November 2014

For Thai massage to fully show its potential of energy balancing on all levels, a complete workout of the whole physical body is imperative, as the physical body is the tool to reach the other bodies. Primarily the energy body is the target, but emotional release arising from touching the memory and subconscious bodies is also facilitated. This is normally achieved by working from the toes to the head, using different body positions, lying on the back, lying on the side, lying on the stomach and sitting.

But it is also possible to do a complete full body massage using the side position only. This is particularly helpful when you work on someone who finds it difficult to lie on the back, like people with lower back problems or pregnant women, which are advised, after the first trimester, to no longer lie on the stomach or back. The reason for this is the pressure of the baby on the organs, the arteries and lungs reducing their function, all of which could negatively affect the baby.

For information and registration please contact:

Ivan Medici

E-Mail: mediv03@yahoo.it

Visit us: www.yogatrail.com

Phone: 0039 3294 7928 84

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